Managing Multigenerational Teams

Managing Multigenerational Teams
You will recognize how generational differences affect your team’s performance and conduct, and you will change problematic behavior, leverage generational assets, and hire and retain members of a specific generation to complement your team.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Handle intergenerational workplace issues.
  • Promote the capabilities of multigenerational teams.


Lesson 1: Handling  Intergenerational Workplace Issues

Topic 1A: Map Your Own Generational Attitudes

Topic 1B: Reinforce Performance Expectations

Topic 1C: Communicate Effectively with Your Team

Topic 1D: Motivate Your Team


Lesson 2: Promoting the Skills of  Multigenerational Teams

Topic 2A: Adapt to Multigenerational Teams

Topic 2B: Maximize the Potential of Generations

Topic 2C: Collaborate with Generations

Topic 2D: Coach Generations on Your Team

Topic 2E: Interview Multigenerational Job Candidates

Topic 2F: Retain Intergenerational Employees


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